Lavender Rose Scented Cellulose ground corn cob and aroma beads Sachet potpourri Ornie Filler 1 cup

$2.88 USD


Product Description

This wonderful filler is made from crushed corncob with aroma beads mixed in and scented in Lavender Rose.

Fragrance Description:
This flirty fragrance is not a bit shy and it is not your grandmother's
fragrance (unless the gorgeous lady is a Cougar...bless her!). The French Lavender blends so beautifully with the multitude of rose notes that you can't tell where one begins and the other ends - which is a mark of fragrance perfection. But it doesn't stop there, a blend of musks, moss, muget and some creamy notes dry it down to a powdery
soft and oh-so-romantic fragrance.

You are getting 1 yummy cup which varies in weight from 3.5 to 4 oz. just depends on the amount of oil and aroma beads that are used in each scent that I make.

Pictured in the bowl is 1 cup, also you will see pictured the 1 cup measure scoop I use.

Your filler can easily be refreshed with fragrance oil To extend the scent if you have it sitting out around candles or in basket/bowl. Once sent is week or gone you can even refresh it with another scent and keep this going.

You can purchase muslin or organza bags or even mini envelops and make sachets for use in closets, drawers or cars; use as stuffing for your handmade animals, little dream pillows. Add to potpourri or Prim Fixins. Place around candles on a plate or bowl. Add to a basket.

Do you make ornies? Add some in with your fiber fill just to add alittle scent to your ornie.

I make these ahead and store in GLASS JARS so the scent does not fade and I add scent ever so often to make these stronger. I don't like to make it once purchased for I am unsure just how saturated your mix is and I would hate to make some fast and it not be right. I want every bit to be coated just right so you will be happy when you use it in your home/crafts.

This product contains fragrance oil, which may be harmful to pets and kids if ingested. Also, please use caution when placing on certain wood or painted surface's as fragrance oils can damage these areas.

What are you waiting for? Try some today wont you. :oP

I also have mini envelopes in my shop if you want to make your own paper sachet's.

Lavender Rose Scented Cellulose ground corn cob and aroma beads Sachet potpourri Lavender Rose Scented Cellulose ground corn cob and aroma beads Sachet potpourri Lavender Rose Scented Cellulose ground corn cob and aroma beads Sachet potpourri

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