Item collection 2578773 original

Original ACEO Watercolor Painting, Orca killer whale


Item collection 2553874 original

Original ACEO Cupcake girl art card


Item collection 2537733 original

Original ACEO Watercolor Painting, Underwater Stingray Silhouette


Item collection 2537811 original

Original ACEO Watercolor Painting, Underwater Dolphins Silhouette


Item collection 2570582 original

Original mixed media ACEO Prom girl art card


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Item collection 1405141 original

Fall Autumn leaves collage Original aceo


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Item collection 1820776 original

Crow on pumpkin ACEO art card


Item collection 847616 original

Original Collage Art ACEO Husky Angel


Item collection 2709526 original

Original ACEO whale breeching simulated stained glass mini art


Happy artist creating Original FuN Art, unique Crafts and MoRe!

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In my spare time I love to paint and just create fun things. I like to work in different mediums and enjoy learning new techniques.

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When you buy from CreationsbyGena, you can be sure that you are buying a special creation, because all the items are handmade.
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