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The Ugly Cat Nipper toy with Organic cat nip and lavender in black and pink polka dots


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Aqua CRAB Statue Nautical Sea Ocean Art Cast Metal Iron Figurine Beach or EOD Decor


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Pink Coffee Filter Peony flower table decor for wedding, bridal shower, wreath, basket filler -no stem


Item collection 3220434 original

Mini Felt Owl bling owlet ornie


Item collection 3220423 original

Mini Felt Owl Christmas owlet ornament pink and white polka dot


Item collection 3220413 original

Mini Felt Owl ornament pink and white polka dot owlet


Happy artist creating Original FuN Art, unique Crafts and MoRe!

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In my spare time I love to paint and just create fun things. I like to work in different mediums and enjoy learning new techniques.

There are plenty of goodies to check out in my zibbet shop and I am happy you found me. Be sure to check out everything in my shop sections as I have alot of this and that in my shop :)My creations are one-of-a-kind, all are unique in their own way. They are created and hand crafted with great care and love.

When you buy from CreationsbyGena, you can be sure that you are buying a special creation, because all the items are handmade.
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